• 50% of organizations don’t have standard processes, process assets, and job aids.
  • 42% of organizations have no established standard-planning process.
  • 41% of organizations aren’t properly preparing individuals for the future by developing their skills to build organizational capabilities.

CMMI® Transforms Organizational Performance

Organizations that seek to raise performance build stability by focusing on improving their key capabilities. CMMI helps organizations efficiently build cultures of continuous improvement using current, best-in-class practices with a focus on performance. Leveraging these efficiencies propels organizational agility which in turn drives innovation and competitive advantage.

Developed based on the feedback of thousands of customers, CMMI V2.0 is an evolution of the CMMI product suite with enhancements in four main areas:

  1. Focus on Performance. Performance drives business and CMMI has performance built into every level of the model. This helps organizations understand performance needs, establish performance goals, and track, measure, and achieve those goals. All organizations — even those at lower maturity levels — can benefit by embedding performance in their processes.
  2. Integrated Agile with Scrum, Safety, and Security. CMMI provides the stability and drives the impact that organizations need to stay relevant in an ever-changing business landscape. CMMI integrates with the latest trend approaches and methodologies used in the market and improves their implementation and performance while also providing current best-in-class practices to address critical business needs.
  3. Value-Added Appraisals. CMMI reflects the importance of maintaining the confidence and reliability of appraisal results while also lowering the total life cycle costs of appraisals by decreasing preparation time for the appraised organization. CMMI appraisals fit the business needs of any organization, regardless of industry or size.
  4. Easier to Use and Access. Non-technical language makes CMMI easy for users to read and understand while an online model viewer platform allows users to tailor the model to fit specific organizational needs. Implementation tools provide step-by-step guidance for the successful adoption of CMMI.

For more information on what is new with V2.0, click here.

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To access the CMMI V2.0 FAQ, please click here.